Thomas Sabo Charm Club

Thomas Sabo Charm Club

Okay, I admit it: I am SLIGHTLY (and only slightly!) too old to be as much in love with Thomas Sabo charm bracelets as I am. I can’t count how many starter bracelets I’ve bought down the years – and countless charms to go on them too. But, sadly, all as presents for lucky others.

These days, my taste in jewelry is a tad more sophisticated that the Thomas Sabo range runs to, but I think they’re the perfect intro bracelets for younger ladies – teens especially. The range of charms is phenomenal, and you can always find something fun, playful or significant for the person you’re shopping for (or for yourself, of course).

In theory, they’ve got charms for all ages, with an incredible array of styles and choice. And yes, they do have ones with stones and designs that should suit someone of my (not that) advancing years. But for me, the whole idea of a charm bracelet is fun and youthful, not serious and frumpy. The charms should be bursting with color, featuring cute animals or funky travel reminders like the Eiffel Tower. Boring, middle-aged designs should be banned!


You know when you buy someone a charm bracelet that they’re going to grow out of it eventually. But they might get five years before they move on to the next rung on the jewelry ladder. It’s like getting your son or daughter their first car. You choose something safe and reliable, but you know that when they’ve earned enough to buy their next car, they’ll up their game a little.

But I can’t help remembering my first car, a lovely little mint green VW Rabbit. I outgrew it, of course, but I loved it – and I still do. And if I were a decade (or maybe two) younger, I’d love to be driving something like it again. And that’s how I feel about Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelets: I just wish I were young enough to wear them.

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